NEW! San Juan Skijoring coming this Winter!

January 7 and 8, 2017 at the Ouray County Fairgrounds.

One of the fastest growing winter sports...

brought to you by the Ouray County Rodeo Association.

San Juan Skijoring

Casino Night Fund Raiser November 5, 2016

Come join us -- Ouray County Elks Lodge

Become a Member!
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Our MissionOuray County Rodeo Association is a 501C3 nonprofit organization  dedicated to preserving the area's rich ranching heritage by providing education, scholarships and equestrian focused  financial support to area children.  Our fund raising efforts focus on family-oriented events including  Jimbo's Fund Dinner &  Dance  in June and the ever popular Labor Day Weekend Barbeque and Rodeo each September.  New: San Juan SkiJoring starts in January 2017Website & Logo  © 2002-2016.  All Rights Reserved.   All Images are copyrighted by their respective owner and are not to be used without permission.